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Employment Statistics

Employment opportunity after PhD

Every two years Politecnico di Milano carries out an employment survey on Ph.D graduates respectively one and two years after degree completion, in order to verify the effectiveness of their educational path in the world of work and to address the right professional guidance purposes.

Employment rate
Almost all Ph.Ds interviewed were employed within 1-2 years from degree completion (95%) and about 40% were already working before the end of the Ph.D program. The main job market is Italy, while 37% chose to go abroad. Ph.Ds find their first employment in both the university sector and the private sector (50% against 44%). Over 90% of the sample hold an employment contract.

Where do they work

  • Politecnico di Milano is the main employer for those who work in universities and research institutes (37%). Contracts in the university sector are less stable than the private sector, salaries reach 1,800 net euros per month. Satisfaction is very high: 83% of Ph.Ds employed in universities and research institutes would enrol in the
    program again; 96% say to have a job that fits with the studies; 89% say that their degree is necessary to perform their job.
  • The private sector offers stable contracts (94% hired permanently) and good salaries to new Ph.Ds (about monthly 270 euros more than in Research and University sector). They tend to find employment either in small companies (46%) or big multinationals (41%). Good results in term of satisfaction: 88% have a job that fits with the studies and over 50% say that their degree a Ph.D is necessary to perform their job.

For more information, it's possible to check the PhD employment data collected in 2022, 1-2 years after obtaining the PhD study title.


This data has been extracted from research 2022 done by the Career Service and by the Study Services of Politecnico di Milano on PhDs who graduates at Politecnico di Milano in 2019 and 2020.