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Board of directors

The Board consists of 5 professors from the Politecnico di Milano and the Head of the PhD School staff. The Board is responsible for:

  • defining and certifying the quality of the Degree Programmes with the assistance of the Reference Committee and international reviewers;
  • assisting the individual Degree Programmes in stipulating agreements with outside bodies and promoting international cooperation agreements (together with the International Relations Center of the Politecnico di Milano);
  • coordinating and promoting interdisciplinary activities between the Degree Programmes including the delivery of three cross-disciplinary courses (Epistemology, Management of Research, Seminars on Research Policies and Institutional Actors);
  • adopting measures to coordinate and reinforce the communication system of the individual Degree Programmes;
  • acting as a point of reference for the doctoral candidates in matters which cannot be solved at the level of the individual Degree Programmes;
  • supporting the interaction between doctoral students / doctors and industry and promoting the placement of doctoral candidates (with the assistance of the Association of Ph.D. students of the Politecnico di Milano);
  • supervising the administration of centralized activities related to the Doctoral Programmes.

Board of the School of Doctoral Programs

  • Prof. Daniele Rocchi - Director
  • Prof. Chiara Bertarelli - Member
  • Prof. Luca Gaeta - Member
  • Prof. Pierangelo Masarati - Member
  • Prof. Michela Arnaboldi- Member
  • Mr. Fabrizio Butt√≤ - PhD School Staff  - Member
  • Mr. Michele Disabato - Secretary 
  • Mrs. Martina Nasini - Secretary 

Head of the PhD School

Prof. Daniele Rocchi
Ph. 02.2399.9712 (secretary) - 02.2399.9716