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After applying

Obligations after the publication of ranking lists


Acceptance of scholarship and PhD position

Admitted candidates must fulfil the obligations below.

Through the online procedure they must declare:

  • in which PhD programme/area to which they have been admitted, they intend to enrol. The acceptance of the scholarship and/or PhD position for a programme/area is binding, and excludes the candidates from all other ranking lists


  • whether they refuse the offer of the scholarship and/or PhD place for all the programmes/areas to which they have been admitted. In the event that only the scholarship is refused, applicants must specify, for each programme/area, whether they intend to enrol on the PhD programme, or if they wish to give up the PhD place too.

An applicant’s refusal of a scholarship and/or place is irrevocable.

Failure to meet the obligations and deadlines indicated above implies irrevocably the loss of the applicant's right to the position with scholarship and PhD place.

Applicants admitted for places without a scholarship, if still interested in competing for a scholarship following refusals, must accept the PhD place by the deadline.

Candidates, who accept the scholarship and/or PhD place, may immediately proceed with enrolment, provided they have the academic qualifications and English language certificate required, and in any case within the deadline and according to the methods set out in the Call.

Applicants deemed suitable but not admitted, who no longer wish to enrol, are asked to communicate their unwillingness to participate further as well, so as to make the positions available to other applicants as replacement positions.