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International Programmes


A core characteristic of the Doctoral Programs of the Politecnico di Milano is their close connections with national and international organizations (manufacturing and service companies, public bodies, universities and research centers). These connections aim to:


  • continuously improve the Programs in order to better satisfy the demand for researchers required by those external organizations that are possible recruiters of Research Doctors;
  • contribute to training activities by advising the Faculty Committee in defining possible research areas and by participating in teaching activities (e.g. by providing guest speakers, advanced research infrastructures, laboratories, internships);
  • identify topics and research projects deemed to be relevant from an industrial, social and economic perspective and that could be the subject of a Ph.D. thesis.

In this framework, the Politecnico di Milano promotes projects in partnership with leading public and private organizations involved in scientific and cultural activities with an interest in:

  • investing in highly innovative research projects;
  • maintaining a close link with the Politecnico di Milano in order to have access to highly trained human resources with unique knowledge otherwise difficult to find;
  • serving as research laboratories and providing doctoral candidates with the opportunity to participate in internships at the national and international level;
  • demonstrating to their stakeholders a strong interest in promoting innovation in significant areas;
  • helping to develop Doctoral Programs which represent a reservoir of future leading members of the international knowledge society.