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Information for Prospective PhD Candidates

PhD at a glance

3 years Total duration
18 months Minimum training at Polimi (12 months for joint PhDs)
10 ECTS in PhD School courses (soft and transferable skills)
10/20 ECTS in Disciplinary Research courses
90% of courses are offered in English

Admission Procedure

Access to Ph.D. Programmes is by a Public Call. The University selection Call is issued annually for all Ph.D. Programmes, approximately mid-April. All of the Calls are published in the Calls and Regulations section. 

As well as the Annual Call, during the year there may be some Additional Calls for PhD places with scholarships  linked to specific research topics. These themed scholarships are mainly or entirely funded by Italian or foreign companies or research organizations. All of the calls are published in the Calls and Regulations section.

The next application deadlines will be:

  • 1st additional call: from 31st May till 29th June, 2023 (start of activities: 12th September or 1st November, 2023) (**)
  • 2nd additional call: from 26th July till 5th September, 2023 (start of activities: 1st November or 22nd December, 2023) (**)
  • 3rd additional call: from 14th September till 29th September, 2023 (start of activities: 22nd December, 2023)
  • 4th additional call: from 11 November till 11th December 2023 (start of activities: 22nd December, 2023 or 1st February 2024) (**)
  • 5th additional call: from 15 February till 15 March 2024 (start of activities: 1st May 2024)

(**):Please note that the exact start of activities will be specified in each scholarship call

A core characteristic of the Doctoral Programs at the Politecnico di Milano is their close connections with national and international organizations (manufacturing and service companies, public bodies, universities and research centers). In the International Programmes section there are details of our partnerships.

PhD candidates may apply for transfer to (or re-enrolment in) a PhD programme activated at Polimi on the following conditions:

  • the PhD program has similar objectives and research
  • the courses and activities carried out are recognized by the Academic Board as equivalent
  • the PhD student positively passes the evaluation carried out by the Academic Board for admission


PhD programme purpose

The purpose of the PhD programme is to develop a research project. The research thesis, to be agreed with the Academic Board, will be evaluated following a discussion that will take place during a final exam (in front of a panel) after which the title of Doctor of Research is awarded. The thesis can be written in Italian, English or in another language authorized by the Academic Board.
Included among the various tasks of the candidates are: attending lectures and carrying out continuous study and research activities.