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For the three-year duration of their studies, PhD candidates may be supported by scholarships.

Scholarships range from € 1100 to € 1400, the amount depends on the proposed research topic. For PhD candidates with a scholarship, the regional fee, the stamp duties and insurance costs will be withheld each year, from the first monthly grant. This amount is established on a yearly basis. For the academic year 2021-2022, this amount is equal to Euro 169.50 (unless there are changes in national and regional legislation). PhD students without a scholarship, for the first enrolment and for enrolment in the following years, will be required to pay the amount mentioned above.

The details are given in the Call for Admission. 

In the event that the doctoral student must carry out study/research activities abroad (subject to approval by the Academic Board), the amount of the scholarship is increased by 50% for a total period not exceeding 12 months. This period can be extended up to an overall maximum of eighteen months for doctorates in co-supervision with foreign subjects or in agreement.

Those having benefited from a scholarship for a Ph.D. course, even partially, may not apply for a second time.