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Administration offices


The PhD Offices dealing with these procedures:

  • Supporting the collective decisions of the PhD School
  • Managing large projects
  • Interaction with departments and external entities (other organisations, industries, other universities)
  • Supporting the registration and renewal processes of the PhD programmes
  • Supporting international agreements and their admission procedures
  • Supporting the admission processes for the PhD calls
  • Supporting the management of the doctoral level courses
  • Evaluation and analysis of data
  • Budget arrangements
  • Organisation and management of the PhD School’s Italian and English language courses
  • Organisation of ceremonies, PhD School conferences, events, newsletters, communications and publications
  • Managing the PhD School website
  • Examination processes and scholarships: organisation of the Selection calls, managing  the commissions’ reports, managing the classification lists, reserves and successions, managing international PhD candidates, managing  relations with Coordinators for scholarships and additional contributions 
  • Managing enrolments and policards
  • Managing PhD careers: certifications, study plans, registration of end-of- year results, statements of subjects taken, transfers and waivers, extensions, suspensions, managing fees and contributions, managing admission to the final exams, issue of the PhD, dissertations repository
  • Collaboration with the PhD School to manage the Italian and English courses
  • Welcome for international PhD candidates 
  • Managing information dissemination: counter, email, phone, website