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PhD level courses

The PhD School of the Politecnico di Milano offers a wide range of Programs, in all fields of Architecture, Engineering and Industrial Design. The individual PhD Programs provide curricula of education in and practice to research, specific to the different areas of applications covered. To complement the curricula of the individual programs, the PhD School itself offers a number of educational activities aimed at reinforcing the PhD candidates’ curricula with a number of soft and transferable skills.  

Participating in these initiatives adds value to the PhD careers. They develop the candidates’ creativity, the ability to communicate in qualified international academic, scientific and professional environments. They are trained in problem-solving, as well as in conflict- and failure-management. They get used to acquire information from different sources and synthesize the relevant knowledge, develop leadership and balance teamwork in the management and development of research under the adeguate principles of ethics. Emphasis is given to the cultural aspects characteristic of the scientific thought and to the frame of mind for research and innovation.

The courses offered are selected on a yearly basis with the objective of contributing to the development of the characteristic polytechnical culture, which is unifying of and transversal to the various PhD Programs. 

List of all PhD level courses offered by the PhD School

Opening Doctoral Education to external candidates

Starting 2019, Politecnico di Milano has established to open its doctoral courses to all interested external candidates.

Further details are available in the webpage "Single courses"