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Rankings and replacements


At the end of the assessments, each Selection Committee draws up a ranking list, according to the criteria set out in the call

  •     for each programme or for each area, if areas are available.
  •     a ranking list for each thematic scholarship.

Places, with or without scholarships, will be allocated by the Selection Committee according to the order defined by the related ranking lists.

Candidates who rank in positions that make them eligible for more than one scholarship, will be assigned one of these possible scholarships by the Selection Committee.

Candidates who do not accept the scholarships assigned by the committee, cannot benefit from other scholarships on the same PhD programme.

In the case of having the same score, gender balance is taken into account (the gender that prevails is the less represented one among candidates placed in higher positions of the same ranking list). Where there are further equal results, the younger candidate will prevail.

The rankings will be published starting from 19th July 2024 in the current webpage

No personal communications will be sent: the publication of the Ranking list is valid as official communication to the interested parties.