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Simultaneous Registration

From the academic year 2022/23 it is possible to enroll in two higher education courses at the same time as required by law no. 33 of 12 April 2022.

It is possible to simultaneously enroll in a PhD course and:

- another higher education course: bachelor's degree, master's degree, single-cycle master's degree (in the cases provided for by current legislation)
 - a non-medical specialization course
- a medical specialization course, in this case the art. applies. 7 of Ministerial Decree 226/2021
- a university master's course (level I and II) subject to positive evaluation by the teaching body, which will verify its compatibility with the research project. Periods of suspension of the doctorate may possibly be foreseen in case of incompatibility.

Simultaneous enrollment in two PhD courses is not permitted, except in the cases of specific Double Doctorate and Joint Doctorate Agreements.

How to enroll simultaneously

Once you enroll to a PhD course at the Politecnico, and in the presence of an enrollment at another university, the PhD student will be required to communicate the enrollment at the other university/AFAM institution.

The data relating to the study path of the other university will be collected in the form of a self-certification and the student will have to self-certify possession of the required requirements, using the following form to be sent to