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Suspension or waiver from studies

During the suspension period, doctoral grant instalments will stop and will begin again when the student resumes studying and during the period of course extension, until all the instalments have been paid.

PhD students are invited to provide registration for the new academic year in any case, even in a state of suspension, following the instructions for the renewal of the application.

After the whole PhD program, by the personal page (Phd student Career) the Phd student must  enroll for a year called "recupero sospensione", during which the suspended period only will be recuperated.

Suspension for health and personal reasons

PhD students can ask for suspension from studies for periods from one month to one year for health and personal reasons. Suspensions are permitted only for months and not for days.

If the request includes two academic years it must be split in two parts. The first request in the current academic year and the other in the new academic year.

The request must be submitted at least 15 days before the suspension, using the online service (section “PhD students career-> Suspension Requests Management”).

The request for suspension from studies is submitted to the Coordinator  and to the PhD secretary . The official end of the PhD course will be extended by the period of suspension from studies.

Suspension for maternity (mandatory and optional)

Request of mandatory maternity leave, set in two months before the due date and for the three months after

The request must be submitted at least 30 days before the beginning of the suspension period, using  the online service (section “PhD students career-> Suspension Requests Management”) uploading  the medical certificate provided by the consultant of the Italian National Health Servic, indicating the due date.
The PhD office will approve the request after verify of the documents attached.

Other options/flexibility
Option one: mandatory maternity leave from the month before the due date and the four months after.
Option two: from the due date and the five months after
The request must be submitted using the online service (section “PhD students career-> Suspension Requests Management”) with the following attached:
Certificate from the consultant of the Italian National Health Service and the university medical officer (plase contact ext. 022399-9451 or 9453).
Since the ordinary mandatory starting date of maternity leave coincides with the end of the seventh month of pregnancy, PhD students who want to take advantage of flexibility, must submit the necessary application and certification by the 30th week of pregnancy.

Certificate of birth:
withing 10 days from the dutydate the student must inform the PhD office about the exactly duty date using email:

At the end of the mandatory maternity period, the PhD student can ask for an additional period of suspension which can last up to a year, including the mandatory leave period.

Supplementary maternity leave
to receive the supplementary maternity leave (about 20%) the doctorate must provide a copy of the social security deposit called "cassetto previdenziale" (Inps website ) and send it to the payroll office: Ms. Silvia Savoldi (
The payment will be the provided in one solution

Waiver of studies

We do inform all PhD students that any application to withdraw from studies must be submitted exclusively online by accessing, through their personal page, the PhD students Career application.

Please note that the waiver of studies is irrevocable and involves the payment of a stamp of Euro 16.00 to be made exclusively by credit card. The effective date of the waiver must be after the submission of the request if the Phd student is in compliance with the enrolment.

If the Phd student is not in compliance with the enrolment, starting date of the waiver of studies must be equal to the day after the registration of the request.

From the effective date of the waiver all rights to the receipt of the scholarship cease