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Periods abroad and stages

Training periods or internships abroad

Doctoral students can undertake training periods or internships in companies as well as public and private entities, other universities, research institutes, centres and laboratories, Italian and foreign. Training periods abroad are particularly encouraged. 

PhD students with scholarship granted by Politecnico di Milano: for the periods spent abroad (lasting a maximum of 18 months, if authorized) at Universities or Research Institutes the scholarship is increased by 50% for each month of permanence abroad.  The amount taken as the basis of the calculation is the Ministerial value of the scholarship, unless otherwise stated in the agreements with the funding Institutions.

All requests stay abroad, and the possible increase in the scholarship, must be submitted exclusively online ( at least 15 days before departure ) by accessing, through the personal page, to the application Phd students career. Such requests are considered approved only with the consent of the Ph.D. Programme Coordinator.

The PhD student must complete the ‘Request for  periods abroad’ by accessing the procedure "missioni" indicating the exact same dates of the application Phd students career.

Alessandro Motta