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Politecnico di Milano provides dedicated accommodation for PhD students.

You can check  the availablity on the Polimi Residence Website 

Before booking your accomodation, we suggest to check where you are going to study because it depends on your PhD programme. 

Accomodation should be booked as soon as possible (see "Booking" section)


You can book a single room or a place in a shared flat in the following residence halls:

For further information: 

The flats are mixed (i.e., allocated to both genders M/F) and are assigned automatically by the system.

Each PhD student may only book one accommodation place; the place booked is reserved for the standard 3-year PhD career.



Candidates enrolled from 37th cycle onward will be able to book, except for Executive PhD candidates.

Selection call winners will be able to book even before enrollment (after the publication of the rankings)

Bookings will be assigned trough an online booking platform



Upon booking, you have the option of reserving the accommodation for the standard 3-year PhD career.

 the actual reservation date will be displayed on the online booking platform and may vary depending on the booking date and the availability of places in the various Residences. 

NOTE FOR SELECTION CALL WINNERS: only those who have actually enrolled in a programme will be able to check in at the residence hall. Candidates who have not officially enrolled in their respective programme will not be allowed to check in, even if they have a valid reservation.



Any accommodation place that becomes free (due to cancellation) by will be made available 



Booking an accommodation place means reserving it for 3 years (see "BOOKING DURATION" section)

Payments will be handled directly by Housing and Dining unit (



The amount payable is independent of the actual check-in date.

Those who fail to enrol in a PhD programme at Politecnico di Milano will lose the right to occupy the accommodation and will not be refunded the money paid for reserving it, except the security deposit from which, however, € 100.00 will be retained for administrative expenses.

In case of enrolment but failure to obtain an entry visa, paymentof the instalments is required for the entire reservation period (so not from the time when access to the accommodation is granted following the visa acquisition).



Cancellation is possible within two months of the due date of the next instalment.

How to give notice of cancellation?

By opening a ticket entitled CANCELLATION from the contact page of



All those who cannot find accommodation in a Polimi residence hall are invited to book through our partner companies on the page Milan / other accommodation in Milan of



For further information: