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PNRR Calls (211 scholarships, deadline 12 September 2022)

The Politecnico di Milano announces 211 PhD scholarships funded with investments provided by the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) divided as follows on the various investment lines:

• n. 154 scholarships on research lines for Business Innovation, (M4C2, 3.3) in co-financing with Companies

• n. 26 scholarships on research lines for the Public Administration: (M4C1, 4.1)

• n. 25 scholarships on PNRR research lines (M4C1, 4.1)

• n. 4 scholarships on research lines for Cultural Heritage (M4C1, 4.1)

• n. 2 scholarships on research lines for Digital and Environmental Transitions (M4C1, 3.4)


The resources were made available by the Ministry of University and Research on 09 April 2022 through Decrees no. 351 and n. 352 , which provides for the assignment of over 7,500 scholarships for research related to the 38th cycle, to be launched by 31 December 2022, with an investment of 300 million euros.

The calls for the assignment of scholarships are available on the webpage

Deadline: 12 September 2022