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The admission procedures are the same for Italian and foreign candidates.

To enroll, the candidate must first of all accept the place with or without a scholarship within the deadlines set out in the announcement. Subsequently, he / she will be able to enroll using the appropriate application.

In case of a qualification obtained at a foreign institution, the candidate must submit the following documentation by the start of the courses and according to the procedures that will be communicated by the PhD School secretariat:

  • final qualification (diploma) in the original language and official italian translation
  • final certificate with the exams taken and italian translation
  • one of these three documents including:
    - declaration of value issued by the diplomatic representation of the country to which the order of the title thus developed refers
    - certification issued by ENIC-NARIC centers (certificate of verification)
    - diploma supplent in Englis

Some international programs for doctoral admission may have specific admissions procedures defined under the agreement itself. See also:

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