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Career Service

Opportunities for PhD students

Visit where you can:

  • apply for job offers and internships in Italy and abroad  
  • allow companies to see your profile
  • take part in online courses on how to write your cv, interview preparation, etc. 
  • register for events with companies on campus

Placement program for PhD

CareerService has developed a specific PhD route, at the end of which, PhD candidates can choose to enter the corporate world.

The programme is aimed at the PhD students in the last year of their programme and supports them in particular with:

  • finding out about the sector and about the roles in the labour market in Italy and abroad that are most suitable to their personal ambitions and their chosen PhD route 
  • building an effective CV and personal statement
  • evaluating the PhD candidate’s profile to ensure the best presentation to the corporate world 
  • improving their interview technique by having a mock interview with experts  

The steps are as follows:

  1. an initial one-to-one meeting with a CareerService advisor, where you can have your CV reviewed and find out about roles and the areas that are suitable for your profile 
  2. a second meeting with an expert who will help, by having a mock interview with you, to evaluate your skills and to plan your search 
  3. a third appointment, either face to face or by telephone, little more than a month after the first, to check together with the Advisor that you are ready, in terms of your individual training and profile, for the labour market 

For further information and to access this program, please visit the page on the CareerService website “PhD Placement

Other opportunities:

in the Jobs section of Euraxess there are interesting job offers for PhDs.

Opportunities for companies

Companies interested in offering positions to PhD candidates can contact the Politecnico di Milano CareerService:

tel. 02 23992535