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Alumni Association

Become part of the AlumniPolimi network

From 1983 to 2013, 3692 students graduated with a Research Doctorate from the  Politecnico di Milano: they are the PhD Alumni.

From 2011 the AlumniPolimi Association’s aim is to enhance and to promote  graduates and PhDs  from the Politecnico di Milano. Once you have graduated with a PhD, you can register on the site:, use the available services and take part in the planned networking events.

A snapshot of the PhDs who make up the network at the end of 2013:

  • 30% work abroad,  in over 45 Countries in the world,  which include: USA, UK, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Brazil and China;
  • 30% work in Universities and Research centres, 37% work in small and medium-sized companies, 16% work in big companies, 7% work in the Public sector and 10% are freelancers.