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Visa and Family Reunification

If you are a international PhD candidate living abroad (non EU citizienship) you have to apply for a student visa to enter in Italy for your studies.
Visa are issued by the italian Embassy or Consulate in your country. Please check with them first what are the documents and the specific procedures required to acquire the visa. 

PhD candidates must register on the portal Universitaly.
Find out how to register by downloading the brochure below:

Step by step

Please note: The Tax Code generated on Universitaly website is not official (and not mandatory for the visa application).Do not update your OnLine Services with it, and do not use it. To know how to get the official tax code please click here


Need Help?

The visa application procedure depends only on the Diplomatic representatives and Politecnico di Milano cannot interfere with the process.
If the Italian Representative in your country need clarifications or more details from us, please ask them to contact us directly on




Family Reunification

Family Reunification (Ricongiungimento familiare) is a procedure used by foreign citizens who are already in Italy and who have already obtained a residence permit.

Please check this linkfor more information