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The Angelo Marcello Anile Association announces the fifth edition of the Anile Prize.

The  prize will be awarded for a PhD thesis written in English and submitted in an Italian university, concerning a topic that bridges the gap between mathematics and its applications. Works that use advanced mathematics and/or propose new mathematical models and methods  FOR  HEALTHCARE (particularly related to epidemics) are strongly encouraged. The work will be evaluated on the basis of the quality of the mathematics and of its impact on the application.

The candidate must have completed his/her doctoral dissertation and all other requirements for his/her doctorate during the period running from  May 1st 2018 to July 31st 2022.

Description of the Award
The award will consist of:

  • A citation certificate
  • A cash award of  € 5000 (tax included)
  • Refund of reasonable travel expenses to Catania
  • The winner will also be given free life membership of the Angelo Marcello Anile Association (as an ordinary member).

Deadline for application:      July 31st 2022


Further information are available here: