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Places and Scholarships

The PhD available places fall within the following categories:

a) places with doctoral scholarships provided by the Politecnico di Milano. 

This scholarships can be:

  • general (generic / "open subject" scholarships)
  • connected to a specific research theme (thematic/interdisciplinary scholarships)

Within the group of thematic scholarships, Politecnico di Milano issues interdisciplinary scholarship with the aim of supporting interdisciplinary research. Each interdisciplinary scholarship is associated with doctoral research which involves two different doctoral programmes 

b) places without doctoral scholarships provided by the Politecnico di Milano.


On the webpage "Areas, subjects and thematic of research published in the call" you can find all the subjects for each Phd programme, both for generic scholarships, thematic scholarships and interdisciplinary scholarships.

On the webpage “Open subject scholarships” you can find the subjects for generic (open subject) scholarships only. 
The open subject scholarship cannot be selected.

On the webpage “Interdisciplinary scholarships” you can find the subjects for interdisciplinary scholarships only.

On the webpage “Thematic scholarships” you can find the subjects for thematic scholarships only (excluding interdisciplinary scholarships).

Candidates interested in competing for one or more thematic or interdisciplinary scholarships must opt for them by accessing the on-line procedure by 2pm on 20th May 2022. After the deadline of the call, it will be possible to apply for new thematic scholarships from 10AM of 8th June, to 2PM of 15th June 2022 with the same procedure (only if the application has already been confirmed and the contribution paid)

The thematic and interdisciplinary scholarships are awarded only to those who opted for them in the online procedure and are bound by the proposed research in the subject.




For the three-year duration of their studies, PhD candidates may be supported by scholarships.

Scholarships vary from € 1100 to € 1400, the amount depends on the proposed research topic. For PhD candidates with a scholarship, the regional fee, the stamp duties and insurance costs will be withheld each year, from the first monthly grant. This amount is established on a yearly basis. For the academic year 2021-2022, this amount is equal to Euro 165.59, unless there are changes in national and regional legislation.

PhD students without a scholarship, for the first enrolment and for enrolment in the following years, will be required to pay the amount mentioned above

The details are given in the Call for Admission. 

Those having benefited from a scholarship for a Ph.D. course, even partially, may not apply for a second time.