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Progetto Rocca deadline May 1st

We would like to invite you to consider the new deadline for the call for “Rocca fellow” positions for a one semester stay at MIT.

The project aims at financing in particular researchers in the areas of materials science, mechanical engineering, bioengineering and life sciences, energy, electrical engineering and computer science. Projects that focus on buildings, infrastructure and planning will be considered only if they privilege mathematical and physical modeling and the novel use of materials.

The “Progetto Roberto Rocca” is a collaboration between MIT and Politecnico di Milano, funded by the Fondazione Fratelli Agostino and Enrico Rocca.

The initiative is meant to honour and remember the founder and late chairman of Techint Group, Roberto Rocca (1922-2003), an alumnus of both institutions (Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, 1945; PhD in Metallurgical Sciences, MIT, 1950).

The Progetto Roberto Rocca aims at fostering academic exchanges and joint research, reinforcing existing collaborations between MIT and Politecnico and launching new ones.

The Project is focused on the “emergence of a new generation of talented researchers” and “the personal and professional networks”that will support long term MIT-Politecnico collaborations. 

Therefore, you need to establish a contact together with your advisor with a research group at MIT that will be willing to host you.

Please note that applications are due 1st May —for the Fall Semester. All documents must be submitted electronically to 


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For any enquiry please email to: