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Five IDEA League Summer Schools / Call (and grants) for participation

The call for participation at the IDEA League Summer Schools is open with deadline Friday, May 4th at noon.

IDEA League is a focused network of leading European universities of Science and Technology. Its members are TU Delft, RWTH Aachen, ETH Zurich, Chalmers University and Politecnico di Milano.

The League offers the students of the network the unique opportunity to develop new insights into current research, and to enhance their skills and academic excellence. Together with their peers from the partner universities, students are encouraged to form a network beyond the programme, possibly using the IDEA League student grants as a follow-up to the summer school to do a research exchange.

For Master students and PhD candidates of the five associated Universities, all registration and living costs are covered by IDEA League. Students selected to participate in a summer school only have to pay for their own travel cost (the POLIMI research funds of the PhD research endowment may be used to cover travel costs).

It is possible to apply to more than one Summer School, though only one School will be assigned per candidate. All Schools are open to Master students and PhD candidates.

• Empowering Imagination

Organized by Politecnico di Milano in Lecco (Italy), Sept 3rd – 7th 2018.

For more information and to apply contact the Local Organizing Committee (Prof. Simona Chiodo and Prof. Viola Schiaffonati ), and visit

• Assessing and Reducing Society`s Environmental Footprint

Organized by ETH Zurich in Filzbach (Switzerland), Sept 3rd – 7th, 2018.

For more information and to apply, visit 

• Ethics of New Biotechnologies

Organized by TU Delft in Delft (The Netherlands), Aug 27th – 31st, 2018.

For more information and to apply, visit 

• Smart Cities

Organized by Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) in Singapore, July 9th – 13th, 2018.

For more information and to apply, visit  

• Future Urban Mobility

Organized by RWTH Aachen in Aachen (Germany), Sept 17th – 21st, 2018.

For more information and to apply, visit