Research Doctorate PHD

31st cycle - 2015/2016

PhD admission

Access to Ph.D. Programmes is by selection. The University selection call is issued annually for all Ph.D. Programmes, and is published on this page. 

The annual call is issued in Spring- the next annual call will be Spring 2016, 32nd cycle.  There may be additional calls with topic scholarships in the winter, if so, it will be posted on the Phd School website.

Further information and calls for international candidates is available in the International Programmes section. 

Online procedure for admission to the PhD course at Politecnico di Milano (XXXI cycle)

Please note this call is now closed.

In this page you will find the link to access the online procedure to: 

fill the selection call application form

display the results 

select additional research scholarship topics  

INFORMATION - Carefully read: 

1) the call public announcement Public examination for admission to the PhD course at Politecnico di Milano (XXXI cycle)

2) the "Quickstart" manual for the online admission procedure 

To access the online admission procedure click here

Deadline: 29th May 2015 (2pm)

3) the pages in the section "Call for positions and scholarships", in particular:

-the page "Generic and Topic Scholarships"
-the page "Areas, subjects and topics of research published in the call"
-the page "Topic scholarships"

Documents that must be uploaded in the online application: 



For the registration of personal data, candidates are recommended to refer to the manual "Quickstart" from pag. 1 to pag. 9 

Candidates who have problems during the registration of the personal data can write to: 

For other information about the call and the admission procedures candidates are recommended to make contact only via the link "Ask for assistance" inside the online procedure.