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Employment Statistics

Where do Politecnico di Milano PhDs work?

On average 300-350 PhDs graduate from Politecnico di Milano every year. Where do they work afterwards?

Employment rate
Over 97% of our PhD graduates have succeeded in finding a job 1-2 years after graduation. More than half of them were already employed before their thesis defence.

Where do they work
• PhDs graduated at Politecnico di Milano mostly work in Italy (70%). They are equally divided among those who remain in Academia and those who work in the private sector.
• For those employed, the contracts are mostly permanent (in 90% of cases)
• Over 90% of the PhD graduates interviewed considered their job consistent with the PhD training received, and more than 75% would enroll again in the PhD programs of Politecnico di Milano.

Salaries in Companies
• Compared to the salaries of Politecnico Master’s graduates a year after graduation, the PhDs earn on average a 35% more.
• The average stipend increased by an average of 5% compared to that estimated in the previous survey (two years earlier), with peaks of a 15% increase in the salaries earned by the female PhDs graduated in Architecture.

A summary of the employment data, collected in 2019 from the Politecnico di Milano PhDs who graduated 1 or 2 years prior, can be found on the Career Service website:

This data has been extracted from research done by the Career Service and by the Study Services of Politecnico di Milano in 2019 on PhDs graduated in 2017 and 2018.