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Employment Statistics

Where do Politecnico di Milano PhDs work?

On average 250-300 PhDs graduate from the Politecnico di Milano.  Where do they work afterwards?

Employment rate

(Data refers to PhD in the “Mathematics and Computer Science” and “Industrial Engineering and Information Technology” areas)

  • At the national level, 95% of the PhDs have succeeded in finding a job 4 years after having finished their PhD (97% after 6 years)
  • The employment rate for Politecnico di Milano is in line with the national average within 4 and 6 years, and is very high also in shorter terms: 94.7% find a job in 1-2 years.

Where do they work

  • Italian PhDs mostly work in Italy (79%) and in companies (54.6%). The main destinations abroad are U.S.A., Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, U.K., and the France.
  • International PhDs mostly work abroad (60.9%) and in academic environments or in Research institutes (64%)
  • For those employed, the contracts are mostly permanent (in 72.3% of cases)
  • 74% consider the PhD essential or useful for their work

Salaries in Companies

  • Compared to the salaries of Politecnico Master’s graduates a year after graduation, the PhDs earn on average 35%.
  • Companies have shown their specific interest in employing PhDs (57% of companies for recruitment at international level)

A summary of the employment data collected in 2017 from those who graduated with the PhD 1 or 2 years prior, can be found on the Career Service website: 

This data has been extracted from an ISTAT survey published in 2014 regarding the professional placement of PhDs 4-6 years after graduation, and from research done by the Career Service and by the Study Services of Politecnico di Milano in 2017 on PhDs from 2015 and 2016.