Research Doctorate PHD

Special places in Politecnico di Milano Residences for "away from home" PhD candidates

Politecnico di Milano offer to the best-ranked winners of the PhD call 40 (among those who selected this option upon application), 40 places in its residences, in single rooms located in areas reserved for PhD candidates. The residences with these areas are the following:

 Pareto Residence (in via Maggianico, Milan). Price agreed: EUR 250,00/month for a single room.
 Einstein Residence (in via Einstein, Milan). Price agreed: EUR 250,00/month for a single room.

The only necessary condition to compete for the accommodation is being an "away from home" student. PhD candidates are defined as being "away from home" if they do not reside in a municipality belonging to the Milan urban area (see art. 1bis of the call), and from where it is not possible to reach the campus where their programme is located, within 90 minutes by public transportation.

Single rooms at the preferential price above will be allocated to candidates who have applied for it and have obtained the highest total scores in the general ranking list, in proportion to the number of scholarships assigned to each Phd programme, within the limits of available places.
In the case of having the same score, gender balance is taken into account (the gender that prevails is the less represented one among candidates placed in higher positions of the same ranking list). Where there are further equal results, the younger candidate will prevail.

Further information on the above residences can be found at the Web site
The candidate beneficiary of housing will be asked to pay a deposit of Euro 400.00, with methods and terms indicated in a communication that will be sent by email at the beginning of September. Failure to pay within the specified time limits will result in the loss of the right to housing.

The call and the application procedures are available at the following link.