Research Doctorate PHD

Italian language and Culture course for PhD Candidates – first session

Important dates:

Register for the level test (via ‘Online Services’): from 16th October to 4 th November 2014

Level test: 7th November 2014

Course start date: 18th November 2014

Course end date: February 2015


The course is made up of 40 hours (2 hours per week), it is free and will be held at both Leonardo campus and Bovisa campus.


How to enrol:

from the Politecnico web site home page

enter the Online Services->Mobility->Language Courses Catalogue


INFO about the courses: 


For the PhD Candidates from the 30th cycle: the course will be visible in the course catalogue only after registration.

There will be another session of Italian courses in the second semester.

Those who are interested must retake the level test in February/March even if they have attended the first Italian course.