Research Doctorate PHD

CONFERRAL OF HONORIS CAUSA DOCTORAL DEGREE in Information Technology – Professor Rudolf Emil Kálmán

12th September, 2PM, Politecnico di Milano, DEIB, Main Conference Room – Campus Leonardo

Politecnico di Milano is proud to announce the Conferment of the Honoris Causa Doctoral Degree of Information Technology to Rudolf Emil Kálmán, the first Honoris Causa PhD degree ever conferred by our Institution.

Beginning in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, Rudolf Kálmán’s work led to a reformulation of filtering and control theory, with a wave of new ideas expanding well beyond this field. The Kálmán Filter is basically a virtual sensor interacting with the physical environment to carry out tasks that were im-possible, or impractical, or prohibitively expensive to implement before. Astonishingly, 50 years after its discovery, there are still an exponentially increasing number of applications and scientific papers exploring novel variations which further extend its utility and applicability.

Rudolf Emil Kálmán, born in Budapest in 1930, passed away in Gainesville, Florida, on July 2nd, 2016, just a few weeks after Politecnico di Milano established to confer to him the Honoris Causa Doctoral Degree in Information Technology. The Diploma will be delivered to his widow, Ms. Constantina Stavrou.