Research Doctorate PHD

Agile for Innovation

DEIB - Conference Room
March 2nd, 2016
9.00 am

For the third year, the Agile for Innovation - Boosting ICT Value event will be held at DEIB on March 2nd, 2016.

The event aims at exploring the opportunities for agile approaches in the context of ICT strongly innovation-oriented business environments.

The companies are witnessing a continuous increase in the level of complexity in the management of their initiatives, particularly in the world of high tech.

Through the participation of national and international well-known experts, the participants will be in contact with specific tools that can be applied within their own business reality in the short term and that will strongly support them in the management of innovative activities to address effectively the complexity, analyzing it thoroughly and identifying the most appropriate strategies to handle, remove and / or reduce it.

During the conference, a "Keynote Speech" by Alfonso Fuggetta will be expected. 

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