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CareerService - Career Day - 10th May 2016

111 employers on campus in 1 day!

Why come to the Career Day:

  • Speak in person to managers and Hr professionals from 111 companies
  • Understand which companies are hiring and the skills they are looking for
  • Apply directly for open positions (jobs and internships)
  • Get information about job contracts, career paths and hiring schemes

How it works:

All employers will meet you at their booths all day long. You can also attend 20 presentations which are useful to get more in depth information on certain employers and their recruitment processes.

Come to the Career Day even if you are still studying: learn about your career options early so that you can choose your first job later on with no regret! Bring your CV, get a copy of the employers’ book with the map of the fair at the reception and go!

More info here: