Research Doctorate PHD

"Persuasive Writing" and "Presenting for Impact"Courses Deadline 23.08.2016

We announce two 1-day training courses, offered by the PhD School and the Research Service of Politecnico di Milano:

1. "Persuasive Writing", Monday, September 5th, 2016 (see below for details)

2. "Presenting for Impact", Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 (see below for details)

Both courses are held by Peter Frederick, the author of the book "Persuasive Writing: How to Harness the Power of Words" (2011); website:

Registration is free, but mandatory for logistic reasons. In view of the course typology, only a limited number of applications will be accepted (with preference given to candidates who applied but could not be admitted to the June 28th training course). It is possible to register to only one course, or to both.

Registration deadline: Tuesday August 23rd, 2016
Accepted applicants will be notified by the end of August, and will need to confirm their participation at that stage.


1. Training course "Persuasive Writing"

When: Monday, September 5th 2016
Where: Campus Leonardo (Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32), Department of Physics (Building #8), 1st floor, Red Seminar Room ("Aula Rossa")
Registration form:

Overview: The single most important skill in any career is the ability to persuade. From the first attempts to find a job to the peak of your chosen profession, you will need to influence others. This includes:
· Leading a team
· Applying for funding
· Seeking promotion
· Publishing papers
· Influencing peers at conferences
and many more.

Persuasive Writing gives you the knowledge and tools to create compelling messages for any audience. You will learn how to apply psychological techniques to ensure your message is heard, understood and agreed with, increasing your chances of getting result you want.

What is Persuasive Writing: Understand why you are writing, the importance of understanding your audience and how to set your persuasion objectives
Tools for Persuasive Writing: Learn key persuasion tools such as Ethos, Logos, Pathos, emotive language and storytelling
Understanding Decision-Making: Learn how to exploit cognitive biases to increase the persuasiveness of your writing
Advertisement Slogans - the distilled elixir of persuasion: Learn lessons in persuasion from advertising and  the media
Persuasion – the Dark Arts: Understand when and how to use the risker tools of compliance and avoid them being used against you


2. Training course "Presenting for Impact"

When: Wednesday, September 7th 2016
Where: Campus Leonardo (Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32), Department of Physics (Building #8), 1st floor, Red Seminar Room ("Aula Rossa")
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Overview: Presenting for Impact is the third and penultimate session of the four-module training programme prepared and delivered by Trend 2000 Ltd to the students of the Politecnico di Milano Doctorate School to help them develop basic persuasion and communication skills. The programme will help students express themselves well, whether it is writing a coherent memo, conveying clear messages to present themselves, their research and its results, persuading others – such as investors or partners - with a presentation or just being able to explain to a team member what is needed from them.

The first two sessions “Persuasive Writing” and “Better Business Writing” looked at building the skills of the students in a broad and non-research related way, to help them complement their generic communication skills and competences. In the third and fourth courses communication skills are further developed for the more specific purpose of helping students exploit their full career potential by increasing their chances of securing research funding, primarily through the European Commission programme for RD&I, Horizon 2020. Essentials of oral and written communications of a research project, its leader, its objectives, risks and potential for exploitation and dissemination will be explored through action learning (highly interactive sessions).