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Vietnam International Education Development (VIED)

VIED - Applicant information

The University Politecnico di Milano (POLIMI) has signed an agreement with the Vietnam International Education Development (VIED) of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam  to receive applications from excellent Vietnamese scholars who will be applying for VIED scholarships. The Politecnico di Milano offers programmes in Engineering, Architecture, and Design, and it is highly ranked among the top universities in Engineering and Technology (ranked 24th in the world by the QS World Technical University Ranking 2015). It is located in Milan, Italy, in a highly developed industrial area in Northern Italy.


Applying to the Politecnico di Milano as a Full Doctoral Student for VIED applicants

The candidates interested in VIED grants, and who plan to apply to POLIMI, will have to submit their application to get an offer of admission to the Politecnico di Milano PhD program, following the procedure below:

  1. Determine which doctoral program you'd like to apply to and visit their website to learn more. Information about PhD programmes at the Politecnico di Milano can be found at the following page: PhD programmes.
  2. Collect the required transcripts and university level diplomas (pdf of the original and  a translation in Italian or English) and reference letters
  3. Investigate potential supervisors in the graduate program you intend to apply to. Many graduate programs recommend that before applying, you make contact via email with a faculty member in the department under whose mentorship you would like to study. This person may be able to support your application in the selection process.
  4. Send your application to  with the following attachments:
    • filled in application form [download]. You must indicate on the application that you will apply for the VIED scholarship and the PhD program you are interested in, and the name of the potential supervisor, with whom you are in contact. 
    • your CV, including date of birth and postal address (please send your CV according to the format in this page)
    • your transcripts and university level diplomas (pdf of the original and a translation in Italian or English), please ensure these transcripts, diplomas and translations are in a separate pdf to the other documents. In the preadmission phase, translations can be informal, a legalized translation will be requested if admitted with the scholarship.
    • your research proposal, an example can be found here
    • a short motivation statement (max. 2500 characters) 
    • reference letter(s) (optional)
    • if already available, transcript of English certification according to the admission requirements 
  5. Once you have received an offer of admission from the Politecnico di Milano, apply to the VIED doctoral scholarship program.

Deadlines: We will accept applications up until the10th of July. 

Please note:

  • The offer of admission will grant a tuition fee waiver, under the agreement between the Politecnico di Milano and VIED
  • The offer of admission will be conditional to the awarding of the VIED grant. Candidates interested in applying to the Politecnico di Milano outside the VIED grant agreement will have to follow the application procedure illustrated in admission.
  • The candidates will have to present a certificate proving their knowledge of the English language at the level required for PhD admission at Politecnico di Milano, before completing their registration at the Politecnico di Milano after receiving the VIED grant (see admission requirements). 
  • The duration of the PhD program is three years, and can be extended to four years to complement the PhD preparation of the candidate or to complete the research.
  • General information for foreign students at the Politecnico di Milano can be obtained in the International Portal


If you require assistance from the Politecnico di Milano, you may contact  for general information about the admission procedure or contact the graduate programme to which you are applying for details about the program.

Thank you for your interest in the PhD  programmes at Politecnico di Milano.