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EM-EASED Euro-Asian Sustainable Energy Development

EM-EASED programme is mainly dedicated to research exchanges and is intended to establish a mobility scheme for about 72 individuals including doctorates (58%), post-doctorates (17%) and staff (25%). More than 66% of the individuals will be European. The programme is strongly focused on, but not restricted to, energy related projects.

Having different approaches to this global problem will certainly be very helpful to face this present challenge and bring sustainable solutions. This research programme includes Engineering and Technology, as well as Mathematics and Computer Science, Natural Sciences or Architecture fields.

All of the administrative and research teams involved will benefit a lot from the opportunity to be pooled and to work together during the programme and its events. An effective coordination will set up and organise the necessary activities for the success of the programme, including the management of the consortium, the call for applications, the selection campaign, the mobility scheme  implementation, the financial follow-up. Regular meetings as well as webminars are planned during the programme in different places. A final conference will be held in Spring 2017 gathering all the stakeholders of the programme and  providing visibility to it. This conference will show effective results of this international collaboration and will be broadly opened also to attract industrial partners, having interests in this Euro-Asian network. Towards the end of the programme, a scientific committee including staff from each partner and associate institution will be created to co-ordinate all the different aspects of sustainable energy research, attract new funding and create a Euro-Asian laboratory on Energy.


Erasmus Mundus Acton 2  strand 2 Lot 3 Far East 




École Central Paris


  • EU
    • Universitè Libre de Bruxelles
    • Technische Universität München
    • Politecnico di Milano
    • Universidad Politecnica de Madrid
    • Univ London Imperial College Science Technology and Medicine
    • T.I.M.E. Association (associate partner)
    • Von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (associate partner)
  • Japan
    • Keio University
    • Okoyama University
    • Tokyo Institute of Technology
    • Waseda University
    • Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (associate partner)
  • Korea
    • Korean Advanced Institute for Science and Technology
    • Pusan National University
    • Korea Institute of Energy Research (associate partner)

Staff at Polimi

Giancarlo Spinelli, Barbara Pernici, Barbara Del Sole

Altre informazioni

Mobilità outgoing (65%) and incoming (35%) at Phd, Postdoc and academic level.

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