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Rankings and replacements

Replacements Rankings - XXXVI Cycle - 2020/2021

Replacements rankings

(see Art. 8 of the call)

Art. 8 (Replacement)

Upon fulfilment of the obligations provided by Art. 7, a replacement ranking list will be prepared for each programme/area, in accordance with the criteria of Art. 6.
The replacement ranking list will be published starting from 24th September 2020.
Candidates, admitted with a scholarship and/or a PhD place after the replacement phase, must complete the registration
(through the 
online procedureby 2PM on 2nd November 2020, provided they hold the academic qualifications and English language certificate required.


At the end of the assessments, each Admission Board will draw up, in accordance with the criteria identified in the call, a ranking for each research area: places, with or without a scholarship, will be allocated in accordance with the order defined in the respective ranking.

Where candidates have the same score, the youngest candidate prevails. 

Scholarships are allocated to suitable candidates based upon:

  1. the ranking position
  2. the suitability of any choices expressed by the candidate for topic scholarships

Where the candidate is found to be suitable both for a general scholarship and a topic scholarship, the Board will decide which scholarship to allocate, taking account of the overall assessment, the qualifications and the documentation submitted. 

Rankings - XXXVI Cycle - 2020/2021


1) You can check your detailed score by accessing your online admission procedure in Online Services.

2) If your name is not on the Ranking list, it means that the score given to you by the Admissions Board is lower than the minimum required by the Call (60/100).
You will NOT be able to enroll in this phase nor in the subsequent Replacement phase. 

3)ELIGIBLE means that now you CANNOT enroll, nor upload online any outstanding documents related to the application (Qualification certificates/ English language certificates).
In the Replacement phase (Replacement Ranking list will be published in the current page on 24/9/2020, art. 8 of the Call), it is possible that your status can change from ELIGIBLE to ADMITTED, if another candidate, previously admitted,  gives up their place.
ONLY IN THAT INSTANCE you will be allowed to enroll and upload any relevant outstanding documents.

4) Candidates ADMITTED must accept the place, with or without scholarship, between 10.00 am on 28/07/2020 and 2.00 pm on 10/09/2020 using the online admission procedure

5) Candidates that accepted the place must enroll before 2nd November 2020 (2PM) following the procedures described in art. 9 of the Call


Ranking of the admitted/accepted candidates: 

Ranking: special places in Politecnico di Milano residences (candidates to which an accomodation at a special price has been assigned according to the call for admission to the research courses of the 36th cycle)

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you can find pratical informations about your Phd studies, enrolment and administrative issues.


Foreign applicants who have been admitted to a PhD programme and who need an admission letter, for the visa application from the consulate or embassy,  can request it by sending an email to