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Topic scholarships


It will be possible to opt for the following new scholarships from 10AM of 7th June, to 2PM of 14th June 2019 with the online procedure




Provided the desire to compete for a scholarship has been indicated in the application, after the confirmation of his/her application the applicant may opt for a topic scholarship by accessing the on-line procedure by 2pm on 21th May 2019. After the deadline of the call, it will be possible to apply for new topic scholarships from 10AM of 7th June, to 2PM of 14th June 2019 with the same procedure.

If the applicant is suitable both for a general scholarship and for one or more topic scholarship, the Judging Panel will decide which scholarship to assign taking account of the overall assessment, qualifications and documents submitted by the applicant.

Topic scholarships list:

Interdisciplinary scholarships program

In addition to the topic scholarships in the previous list, Politecnico di Milano issues 21 scholarships, with the aim of supporting interdisciplinary research on the following topics. Each interdisciplinary scholarship is associated with doctoral research which involves two different doctoral programmes.

These scholarships are listed in the page Interdisciplinary Scholarships