Research Doctorate PHD


Regulations of PhD Programmes

The regulations of the Study Programs of the PhD Programmes are available in the section "Study Programmes" of the specific PhD Program: go to the page PhD Programmes

Course of study

The PhD academic qualification is gained after a course of study and research lasting at least three years under the supervision of a Teaching Committee.

Admission is selective, subject to skills, competencies and attitude to research. Requirements for admission are detailed in the Admission Requirements section.

The large majority of the PhD candidates are supported by scholarships but admission is also possible without any financial support, conditional to admission through the annual call for positions and position availability.

The Ph.D. degree generally requires three year of study including:

  • courses that present, examine and discuss the major questions, theories and methods of the scientific research in the field of a given Degree Program and general courses on interdisciplinary subjects and development of soft skills. 
  • Development of the Doctoral Dissertation: research activities to develop new knowledge on a topic of industrial, social and economic significance and that shows a high level of excellence from the scientific and technological point of view. The Faculty Committee, in agreement with the student, appoints an Advisor for his/her doctoral dissertation. The Advisor supports the student in designing and managing his/her research project. The entire Faculty will review the research project at least three times during the three-year period of the Program.

Doctoral candidates are strongly advised to spend a brief period of study abroad.
The Ph.D. degree is awarded after passing the final examination where an outside committee, often including foreign academics, examines and discusses the Doctoral Dissertation of the candidate.