Research Doctorate PHD

Forms and certificates


Because of Law 183/2011 Article 15, starting from 01/01/2012, public administrations or public services operators cannot accept certificates from other public administrations. Interested parties, in the cases above, can only produce self-certifications. (self-certifications fac simile)

  • Declarations without tax stamps:  We can only prepare declarations without tax stamps which need to be sent directly to embassies or consulates, or Study visa applications
  • Certificates with tax stamps:We can prepare certificates to give directly to the PhD student with tax stamps (i.e.  declarations required for the Residence permit)

Those who require certificates to be produced for entities other than public administrations or public services operators, have to go to the PhD Secretariat with: 

  1. a 16.00 Euro tax stamp to be affixed to the certificates application form (available in PhD Secretariat)
  2. a 16.00 Euro tax stamp to be affixed to each certificate requested

Please note, the certificate will be available at PhD Secretariat after 2 working days from the request and the following will be written on these certificates with a tax stamp on them "This certificate, valid in foreign countries, is not valid for public administrations and public services operators"

Alternatively you can make a request of one or more certificates in your personal page of the "Online Services" selecting "Certificate and self certification request".
In this way you'll have to pay the stamps by credit card; you can request the delivery of the certificate to your home or collect it at the desk of the PhD Secretariat.