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The Ph.D. School of the Politecnico di Milano offers a wide range of Programs, in all fields of Architecture, Engineering and Industrial Design. The individual PhD Programs provide curricula of education in and practice to research, specific to the different areas of applications covered.

To complement the curricula of the individual Programs, the Ph.D. School itself offers directly a number of educational activities aimed at providing the PhD candidates with opportunities of multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural experiences. The participation to these initiatives is regarded as an added value to the PhD candidate who is stimulated to further develop the necessary creativity and ability to communicate in qualified international academic, scientific and industrial environments, solve problems and handle conflicts in uncertain environments, manage failures and learn from them, acquire information from different sources and synthesize the relevant knowledge, develop leadership and balance teamwork in the management and development of research under the adeguate principles of ethics.

The courses offered have been selected with the objective of contributing to the development of the characteristic polytechnical culture, which is unifying of and transversal to the various PhD Programs.
A number of disciplinary and multidisciplinary courses are paralleled by cross-disciplinary courses, with the aim of contributing to the establishment of the cultural basis underpinning the Architecture, Design and Engineering disciplines of the School. Particular emphasis is given to the cultural aspects characteristic of the scientific thought and frame of mind for research and innovation.
The cross-disciplinary courses of the PhD School are thought as opportunities of education on conceptual and cultural aspects of wide breadth, of interest for all PhD candidates of the School. They contribute to the cultural background of a PhD of the Politecnico di Milano.
The multi-disciplinary courses address topics common to different disciplines and transversal to different techniques, in Architecture, Design and Engineering. The instrumental courses are doubly “instrumental” in transferring to the PhD candidates the necessary expertise on a number of “instruments” and tools useful for conducting research.
The offer of the Ph.D. School is completed by a number of disciplinary courses offered by distinguished lecturers of recognized international stature.