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First steps at Politecnico

Before starting: please visit the Before Arrival page

November: A welcome meeting with all new PhD candidates 

You will meet the PhD School Director, PhD student representatives, and the central PhD secretariat service

PhD Welcome Day: November 8th, 2019



General services (registration, certificates, “permesso di soggiorno” information) are provided by the PhD School Secretariat (see Administration Offices).

PhD Programme

Specific services relating to your PhD Programme are provided by the department where your PhD Programme is based. For further information:

Active PhD Programmes

On-line services

Upon confirming your registration, on the on-line services page, accessible with your personal id (codice persona) and password, you will find on line services for PhD candidates (see below).

See also the "Student Welcome Kit".

Program of studies

The PhD studies are mainly about research. At least two years should be devoted to research and thesis writing. There is also a requirement to attend courses  (the amount of coursework varies from program to program, details are given in the Study Program for your PhD).

The PhD School defines general rules for PhD study at the Politecnico, these rules  have been refined by each PhD program in a detailed Study Program. You can find the study program for your PhD in the general description page of Doctoral Programmes, selecting your Program from the list.

There you can find:

  • the detailed study program (a pdf document describing the goals and the general organization of your program): Progetto formativo / Study program.

    Please read the detailed study program: it gives important information on how your PhD program is organized. It also gives the list of courses planned for this academic year, with the names of the instructors
  • the PhD level courses: Elenco degli insegnamenti / List of Courses

For each listed course you will find a detailed program, with information on when the course will start. Courses start all year round.

Courses can be taken from your own PhD Programme, from the list of PhD School Courses, and from other PhD Programmes.

The general rules for the study program are listed in the Course of study section of this web site, which also lists different types of courses and deadlines.

Study plan

You are requested to fill in your study plan to list the courses you are planning to take. Your study plan will be approved by the PhD Programme Coordinator, following the internal procedures established by each PhD Programme.

Filling in the study plan is incremental, you can add courses during your study. More specifically, you can add courses to your study plan incrementally, in the allowed periods, however, if you wish to delete courses you need to ask your coordinator (usually through your local PhD secretariat in your department).

As soon as you have chosen your first courses, you should start inserting them  into your study plan. Course registration opens in November, until mid-January. (Other allowed periods for changing your study plan are indicated in the Study plan page).

When you insert a course in your study plan, you also get some services, such as e-mails about the course, access to study material in the BeeP platform (accessible through your OnLineServices home page). If you are formally registered for the course, and you pass the exam for the course, you get a formal evaluation registered on your study plan (certifications of exams will be available through your OnLineService page, associated with the study plan).

To be effective, your study plan has to be approved by your PhD Program Coordinator.

Even if it is not forbidden to take courses in the last year, they are usually taken during the first two years. If you are interested in additional courses, you are free to attend them, however it is strongly recommended that you take all mandatory courses within the first two years, so you can devote yourself to research in the final year.

Other services

Official e-mail 

Please read your official personal e-mail from time to time and check that you are not over quota (otherwise you will not be able to receive further messages).

Important: all official deadlines will be communicated by e-mail and in addition to research and course information, there are many other services offered to students enrolled at the Politecnico and information is given by e-mail. PhD candidates can benefit from them as the others students do.

PhD School Web site

The PhD School web site provides information about grants, awards, special events of interest to PhD candidates in the news section, as well as detailed information about the program of study and administrative information.

Language courses

Italian and English classes are organized each semester. Further detailed information about language courses are given through the OnLine Services portal.

International PhD candidates are invited to regularly attend the Italian language and culture courses. Registration is through the On Line Service portal 
Several levels are offered, so you can choose to continue each semester progressing from one level to the next. You have to register for language courses each semester, if you are interested in attending.

Courses for English and other languages might require the payment of a small fee. Details are given in the portal.



If this is your first time to enrol at the Politecnico, you will receive your badge by the end of the first month of the PhD from the PhD secretariat (ask your local secretary if you have to collect them in the main secretary's office in via Golgi or if they will be available from your department secretary).

If you already have a badge, it will remain valid during your PhD studies. 

Other services

For other services (for instance, the on-line library system, other language classes, sports, general scholarships, stages, and the like) please access: